After Everything I tried failed me including 7 days “dry fasting”….


I discovered a completely New Miracle Fatloss system, that turns off your fat-hormones, burns ½ kg of Pure belly, arm and body fat daily, and makes your body “Born again” in short 28days from Today!

Out of 5 Lucky women that tested this system;

  • 4 women dropped 1-3 dress sizes in 23 days
  • 3 got rid of all their stubborn post-pregnancy belly fat.
  • One of them changed their family “obesity” gene, type 2 diabetes history and looked 5 years longer.

There’s currently no fatloss system for Nigerians that perfoms the kind of “weightless miracle you are about to experience”


Dear Subscriber,

You are about to learn the  “Underground Fat burning secrets”  used by Elite fitness guru’s, celebrities and advanced body builders who use this little known “extreme” fatloss system that forces our body to melt away unwanted fat of over ½ to 1kg every single day for the next 7 days….

 And even go as far as losing as much as 15kg of pure body fat in the next 21 days!

Hi, my name is Dr. (Mrs) Trisha Morgan and with me are experts of the Health and Fitness Pal Team.

I am about to tell you a secret that took me over 7 full years to understand!

It’s also a secret that the diet and fitness industry does NOT want you to know!

Believe me they are ready to pay as much as possible to ensure that this one simple secret to rapid and permanent fatloss does not get to flood the whole place.

And as much as I hate to say it, it’s a secret that your very own doctor will never share with you, even though he’s got to discover it during his years of expertise in the health and fitness industry (and knows it’s true)

This secret is about fatloss.

But not the old…

Eat Less, Exercise More…

Type of weightloss that results in you losing weight at a snail’s pace and even struggling to keep it off once you leave such type of diet.

I am talking of the secret of getting..

Draw-Dropping, Rapid Uncommon Body Transformation!

In which in less than 28 days from TODAY you would have;

  • Dropped over 15kg or more of Pure body fat
  • Trimmed 2-4 inches off your waistline
  • Developed a flatter stomach
  • Skyrocketed your metabolism and energy level
  • Lost significant inches of fat from your belly, thigh, and arm
  • And regained your self-confidence and esteem and taking total control of your life.
  • And look 5 years younger!

Take a look at Julia’s Uncommon Transformation in Just 2 months


Here is another Testimony…

Jessica Lost 2 dress sizes and her Husband even told her “she is Looking sexier”


I understand if you are skeptical about this but reading this letter till the very end will clear all atom of doubt you may be having.

I have been in the diet and fitness industry since 1999.

I graduated from the university with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, but that didn’t change anything as I was an

Accidental  Fat Nutritionist 

Yes, I can remember my Aunt always saying I would be as fat as my mum, if not fatter.

I would frown seriously anytime she jokingly said this.

But it was true; I grew to up to meet my Mum an Overweight lady, who faced several health challenges at that time including kidney stones!


I found myself blowing up and gaining so much weight in my third year in school….


From being a 65kg hot chick to a 90kg old Mama!

A once very sexy looking, sharp and sweet sixteen shaped lady had turned into a 36 year old looking mother of three and I know exactly the type of damage this did to my self-esteem.

First and most painful was the fact that I lost my Fiancée who I thought I would get married to simply because he couldn’t stand a fat lady.


I was aware of this even before we started dating.

And being that I was a slim chick when we started out; I wouldn’t much blame his decision to walk out of the relationship.

In fact he was already looking at slimmer and fitter girls outside and that was more painful than ever!

After school, I got a job as a Nutritionist for a health firm, but couldn’t even last 6 months in it because no one was ready to listen to a Fat Nutritionist.


I was sacked!…


How on earth would I advise people to eat right, lose fat and stay healthy…

When I can’t even help myself!

Things even got worse when some of my bad mouthed friends started calling me Mama T!

Ehen?? Mama T at my tender age of 25,I must tell you this wasn’t funny at all!

But why couldn’t I help myself? You may be wondering,


With all my knowledge about Nutrition and dieting why wasn’t I able to regain my perfect shape?


But come to think of it, which diet system didn’t I try, fatloss drinks and pills didn’t I take?

I could starve myself for a whole day even when I knew it wasn’t the best,

I just wanted a result, wanted to burn those UGLY annoying fats off my precious body!

At a stage in my life where I was struggling with my career and relationship, anything would go.

I did all of those but still didn’t see the type of results I would like. In most cases, I will gain back all the fats and more in a matter of days after I get off those diet plans.

My dear…..

It was very very frustrating!

Let me state one important fact here…

The first thing you should know is that


 ”the extra weight you are carrying around is  probably NOT your fault !”

The fact is there are probably several reasons you have struggled to lose weight in the past!

And my guess is that you fall into one of the categories below!


You are suffering from Cellular Inflammation

What the Heck is Cellular Inflammation?

(You may be wondering….)

I once mentioned this to my colleague over skype; a Los-Angeles based Medical practitioner as the reason why a lot of people find it hard to lose fat.

And he quickly responded;

“Trisha, How did you get to know about this?”


He was shocked because a lot of people don’t know this and while most diets prioritize cutting calories and fat; focusing on anti-inflammatory diet is just the secret key to unlocking your best body ever!

Cellular inflammation occurs as a result of eating high levels of saturated fats, trans fats, bad carbs and refined sugars which sets off a series of reaction.

The “bad food” triggers the liver to release chemicals to fight the toxins, which causes inflammation. Meanwhile, the glucose in food can’t be transported to your cells effectively while the body is inflamed, which means that your brain isn’t registering the intake.

The result: You’re left feeling hungry, and more prone to cravings, which then restart the cycle.


“The more inflammation you have, the less efficiently you’re using your calories, so you eat more and gain more fat!”

So if you are trying to lose weight without first tackling cellular inflammation which 4 in every 5 people suffer from; then you are likely not to see any impressive results.


And this gets to discourage you from doing more!

If you can effectively have control of cellular inflammation, you can increase your body’s ability to burn fat, lose weight, increase metabolism, and keep the fats away from coming back.

This one secret of fighting cellular inflammation FIRST will change your fatloss game…..Read on!


Counting calories or “Eating less and Exercising More”

Am sure you are aware of the popular mantra that to lose weight, you simply have to  “Eat less and Exercise More” 

In as much as this works, this is simply plain………….bad science! 

This is a very SIMPLISTIC answer for a very COMPLEX question.


Asking you to simply Eat less and Exercise more to lose weight,


It fails to take into account your body Hormones which have a major impact on whether you are fat or thin!

This same hormone is the reason why your best friend will eat all the Pizza, Sharwarma, chicken laps, ice cream and all the processed food at a fastfood and never get fat.

But if you dare even sniff on it, you gain fat everywhere possible.

It’s also very important to note that….


All calories are not the same!

There are certain calories that makes us fat, and other calories that prevent us from being fat and just a few calories that actually forces your body to lose weight.

So the secret about losing weight isn’t just about Counting calorie- It has to do more about eating the good calories, Mobilizing fat stored in fat cells and using a systematic approach to burn it off!

More of this in a bit!


You have been unable to TURN OFF your FAT GENE.

It’s a question that’s been haunting me for decades: What has Genetics got to do with weight gain and weight loss?

Why do some people weigh 62kg without ever dieting or working out, and others weigh 105kg despite owning every piece of exercise equipment ever invented?



And why do some family members seem to inherit the fat genes (like Myself), while others manage to stay slim and become Models (like my younger sister)?

Like I said earlier, I inherited the fat gene from my mom and that is why my younger sister, Amanda was my Hero and my sworn enemy!


I will never dine out with her because she can eat all the supposed bad snack and burgers and still manage to keep her super model shape.

While me, everything ended up in my belly.

But there’s a Good news…

Recent research has proved that Fat genes can actually be turned off!


Much like your room’s lamp switch using a “special diet system” that disarms those fat gene activators.

This research was carried out in 2014 and the study was published in the Journal Diabetes.

But only a few people were opportune to have an insight to what this secret diet system was and how it works.

And this brings us to the Big NEWS!


I was lucky to discover this top secret (through my foreign Nutritionist friend) and will be revealing everything about it as well as how you too can turn off your fat gene in the Atomic fatloss system .


I Can’t wait, I want to Order for the AFL System Now!

You don’t have an easy to follow step by step plan of action for losing fat! (That suits your busy schedule).

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t see result.

Most of my clients that come to me for help complain of so much contradiction and misguided information as regards to weightless.

And if you ask ten different fitness expert, what they think is the best way to lose fat, you are likely to get 10 different answers.

So who is right, who’s wrong?


Again, most of the fatloss programs out there don’t suit busy moms, office women, and 6am to 6pm work schedule of most women who want to lose fat.

So they simply can’t get result because eating breakfast alone is a big problem because of the need to rush to work. And this is a must for most fatloss programs.

How about working out every morning and night?


All these contributes why you may not be seeing results and why it seems like nothing seems to work for you in trying to burn off those annoying fats.

And that is why I set out to put together a system that takes out all the guess work from you, and takes you by the hand and show you what you need to do every single day till you get your desired result!


It is as flexible as you can imagaine and I can boldly say that this is about the only fatloss program that makes it very easy for Extremely BUSY people to Lose Fat


And this is exactly what this New fatloss system, the Atomic Fatloss System does for you!

But before I go into the specifics of the Atomic Fatloss System (AFL) let me quickly tell you one more little and tiny secret.


The truth is that it took me years, money and time spent on intensive research to discover this secret.

It makes the whole fatloss process fun because, once you know how to twist your system to respond to fatloss rapidly you get results that took you months on other programs in just weeks.

Seeing rapid physical results in 7 days gives you the impetus to do more.


This secret is about Fat Mobilization!


All the fatloss coaches, I discussed this concept with ended up secretly prescribing it to their clients.

To successfully burn those stubborn, hard to lose fat, you must first mobilize them out of the fat cells where there are stored permanently to be used as energy in the future.

The rate at which fat can be mobilized is largely controlled by an enzyme called Hormone-Sensitive Lipase (HSL).

HSL is primarily controlled by insulin and the catecholamines. When HSL is activated, fat can be mobilized.


The problem is that when insulin (from the food you eat) is found in the bloodstream, HSL activity comes to a halt and FAT cannot be significantly mobilized from your fat cells.

The catecholamine (adrenaline and noradrenaline), on the other hand, increase HSL activity and drive fat mobilization.

So you can control how much fat you mobilize through your diet, by keeping insulin low and catecholamine high.


As long as  catecholamine  levels are high and  insulin  levels are low, fat mobilization will occur.


For anyone who has struggled to lose weight, the reason is because your insulin levels are constantly high and your catecholamine levels are low.

That being said, the key to getting the fat out of your fat cells and ready to be burned lies in increasing catecholamine and decreasing insulin as much as possible.

And this is the foundation with which this new groundbreaking system was designed.


But there’s one last thing…

Sorry to bore you with much of science, this is just to show you we did our homework extremely well on this issue!

This one is called Triglyceride Attack!

Triglycerides are big fatty acids which are formed when smaller fatty acids that flood our system when we eat the wrong foods (and the body can’t handle them) combine with two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule to form Triglyceride.

Like I said, Triglycerides are big and therefore can’t exit the fat cells easily.

There are those stubborn fast we are talking about!

This is where all other Fatloss programs, slimming drinks, drugs, Diets, name it……. Fail woefully!

While these programs only attack the free fatty acids and stops them from turning into triglyceride…..


The Atomic Fatloss System is designed to Attack these Triglycerides you already have through combating Cellular inflammation and Then Fat Mobilization occurs and the Fatty acids are released and easily burnt away at the speed of an Atomic Bomb!

No system is yet to follow this highly proven scientific approach to losing fat.

Don’t worry, I took the pain to simplify the process into a real life step by step procedure so even your 15 year old daughter or sister can understand and follow.


And to prove this practically I tried this New System on 5 of my very close clients and here is the result….


Oluwatosin achieved a great feat, Lost a whooping 18kg in 8weeks without even following the system strictly (look at the flatter belly)

Atomic test 1 tosin

Lelia Akushie’s Rapid weightloss without supplements. Look how prettier she now is!

Lelia Sent her Testimony in less that two weeks of trying this system. If you look at her picture testimony below she wore the same shirt both before and after and you can see how free it is on her in less than 14 days.



Helen is seeing tremendous results in Just two weeks. (Click the image below to see her testimony!)


Helen test

Here is Another one from a Very Happy subscriber…

She said it worked like Magic, lost 8kg jokingly in days!

ademola testi

Even my busy Banker friend Lost over 7kg in 21 days!

atomic test 2

This is a Just few of the Numerous Testimonies I have, stored up in my Mail (which I will show you later)!


And these are the kind of results you get when you use my New Breakthrough Fatloss system


The Atomic Fatloss System(AFL)

[image of Prg]

A 100% scientifically proven system that can help you lose as much as 15-20kg of pure fat in 33 days while still eating some of your delicious Nigerian foods! No Starving nor Sweating the Gym!


Click here to get your own copy of the Atomic Fatloss System

Here are some of the things you are about to discover from this program.

  • You’ll Discover the Hidden first step towards permanent fatloss through fat Mobilization. This first step breaks away all fat-loss resistance you may be having.
  • My Ultra-Powerful 7 day detox diets that cleanses your liver, colon, and fights cellular inflammation. You will lose atleast 3kg during this period.
  • The Incredible New Science of How Fat Genes Get Turned On and the Magic Foods That Shut Them Off!
  • You’ll discover how to eat3-5-times a day and still lose more fat than ever possible even if you starve all day! You eat Delicious Nigerian meals and still burn as much fats as possible.
  • Over 25 Nigerian foods and recipe that mobilizes fat effectively while ensuring you are burning fat all day.
  • My Secret Flatbelly drinks that attacks visceral belly fat and helps give you a well-trimmed out and flatter belly
  • How to speed up your metabolism at the speed of light, aiding fatloss and ensuring your body works like a fat burning machine 24/7!
  • I will reveal 3 powerful Anti-inflammation spices you should be adding to your food. Apart from helping you lose fat this also help reduce your risk of chronic diseases like Heart attack and Cancer.
  • You’ll Discover how to handle unnecessary food cravings and control your portion in other to create a calorie deficit required for fat loss.
  • My amazing 20-Minutes fat loss exercises and workout routine that blasts off belly fatarm fat, thigh and other fat around the body instantly!
  • My never told secret that ensures you never gain back that ugly belly, arm and body fat no matter how hard it tried to rebound.
  • And the 30-Days Meal plan which is made of fat burning Nigerian foods. All you need to do is follow this flexible plan in for the next 30 days and listen to the comments and compliments you will get from people around you!

This is definitely not all this program has to offer but I will let you discover the rest yourself once you get yourself a copy of this “game changing” system!

The end result will be amazing and I am double sure you will thank me so much for giving you this opportunity.

This program is for you if:

  • You have been suffering from being fat all your life or all of a sudden your body started increasing in size and everything you tried didn’t work.
  • Your husband or spouse is showing discontent about your flabby body and may be forced to look at “Slim fit” girls outside.
  • You have been forced to wear “Waist trainers” or Girdles that can be very uncomfortable and dangerous on a long run.
  • Not to talk of that embarrassing moment when family and friends ask you “Are you pregnant again?” Even when you are on family planning.
  • You keep wearing flowing and oversized cloths to cover up the protruded belly.
  • Your self-esteem and confidence is shattered and you always seem to avoid any activity that demands you showing your body shape and belly such as swimming.
  • Or you are tired of inconveniencing other passengers in the taxi or even being asked to pay for double seat (this one happened to me some time ago in Lagos..…Embarassing!)

The embarrassing moments are even more than this and I can keep listing them.

Not to talk of the health risk that comes with being overweight.

But I can promise you that all of these will be history as this Atomic fatloss system fulfills all its promises in helping your achieve your desired body.

Day in, Day out you will be seeing amazing changes and your mirror will be your best judge.

And In as little as 33 days from Today You will;

  • You’ll lose ENOUGH FAT! This is the first thing that will happen to you…..Sure-Banga!
  • All the post pregnancy belly fat that refused to go away since after your last birth will all be history.
  • Your spouse will be astonished and be forced to tell you “My love you look sexier, how did you do it
  • You will now be able to fit into the new in vogue “Body hug” andslim fitted dresses that is the trend of the moment, talk-less of those your best old cloths in your wardrobe that couldn’t size you again.
  • You will be finally happy to do away with those uncomfortable girdles, belly trim belts and waist trainers.
  • You overall health will improve and your risk of killer diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes etc.
  • Your colleagues and friends who secretly laugh at your size will be surprised at the “Sudden Uncommon transformation” and be put to shame!
  • And you will be getting nice compliments everywhere you go by family and friends.

Click here to get your own copy of the Atomic Fatloss System


So you may now be wondering what and what is inside this Atomic fatloss system.

Let me remind you that it took our team of experts over a year to prepare, perfect and test this system before finally releasing it to the market.

I have never and will never release a mediocre product to the market because I have a name, a profession which I have to protect at all means.

So I decided to design this program with the help of other health and fitness professionals who make up the Health and Fitness Pal team into 5 different Modules for easy assimilation, and so you don’t have any difficulty following it till you see results.

Here is Exactly what is contained in the Atomic Fatloss System

Atomic Fatloss Introductory Manual

introduction guide

This is more than just a mere introduction into the System. I describe the Very first step you must take before you start using this system. This first step ensures you are on the right track throughout the period you will be losing fat!

It also describes how you will approach this system in order to see the type of result you wish to achieve.



Module 2: Atomic Fatloss Main Guide
Main Guide

This guide is the “Box load of Secrets!”. It contains everything you need to know about this system, from the beginning to the end. The secret methods of Fighting cellular inflammation, restoring your Liver’s performance, mobilizing fat, improving digestion etc, are all explained in details here.

In this guide you’ll also get to discover how you will eat 3-5 times daily and still lose weight.

How busy mom’s and women can use this system and still lose fat no matter how tight their daily schedule may be.

You will also get to discover a Powerful 7-day Routine that will turn your body, liver to a fat burning machine and ensure you lose 3-5kg of fat in the first 7 days!


Module 3: Atomic Fatloss Meal Design Secrets

In this module I did what no Fatloss coach out there is doing and that is by teaching you Top Notch Secrets of How to design and customize your meal plan to suite you, your food preference, budget and daily schedule. You will thank me better after you have read this goldmine.

It does not get any better than this, you no longer have to follow strict plans which may not suite your food type, family choice or budget.

You can now replace those foods successfully using what you will discover here and still Lose as much fat as possible!


Module 4: Atomic Fatloss Workout and Exercise Guide + Video Illustration.


In this Module, Coach Sukie Designed over 45 well planned out,  self-descriptive workout routine that tones your belly, arm and thigh and gives you that perfect abs you always wanted.

The workout routines and videos are so descriptive and comprehensive is such a way that it’s like you’re instructed by your personal workout coach.  You no longer have to waste over N40,000 a month as gym fee. Save up that cash for your next set of dresses as a lot of your old dresses may be oversized.

Module 5: Atomic motivation and goal setting  Report


You’ll learn the secret of successes of great people who stick to a plan till they achieve their goal. This report will help you to start and ensure you don’t deviate from your plan. You’ll learn how to set SMART fatloss goals and stick to it till you get to the finish line.

But this is not all

For the first 100 people ONLY, I have decided include some very powerful bonuses that I worth over N37,500 if I want to sell them as a single product. These bonuses will make you a near perfect lady when used hand-in-hand with the Atomic fatloss system.

Bonus 1: Stretch Mark No more

stretchmark copy

Stretch Mark is Known to affect over 85% of every woman and trust me it can make you skin look really terrible.

But I have written a short report with contributions from a Foreign dermatologist on how to get rid of stretch mark using local Nigerian remedy.

Trust me this product has a stand-alone value of about N6,500 but I’ll be giving it out completely free for Fast action takers. I will take away this bonus after the first 100 copies of this product is gone.


BONUS TWO: Saggy Breast Report


This report will reveal the how you can firm up your breast naturally and make it look more perkier, and shapely without any surgery whatsoever. I could sell this material on its own for N4,500, but You will get this report FREE of CHARGE


Bonus Three: 19 Detoxifying Superfoods


This Premium report was written by two Experts in the Health and Fitness industry Jake Carney & Susan Patterson  and it reveals 19 Natural detoxifying superfoods you need to start eating to cleanse and detox you of deadly chemicals and toxins. The standalone value of this Report is $25. But you will be getting if completely for FREE.


To further sweeten this already irresistible offer and make sure there’s no way you don’t lose all those stubborn fats, I am including another Super Special Bonus below;


If you get yourself a copy of the Atomic fatloss System today, I am going to give you a special 4 weeks coaching and support.

This means you will receive weekly followup emails from me and you will have access to my private email and telephone number.

I or any other of our Team member will be assigned to you to by your FitnessPal for the period just to ensure you don’t in anyway slip.

You will be able to ask me any questions and I’ll answer you without charging you a single kobo extra.

TRUST ME: NO other dietician or fitness coach will do this for you without charging you a retainer fee for this service. But you get it ABSOLUTELY for free.

Am I not giving out too much? One of the members of the Health and Fitness Pal Team asked me this.

The truth is, the value of what you are getting is going to surpass whatever I am going to charge you for this system.

What you are getting is worth over N55,000 in Value!

But I chose to act insane and help first, as that was has always been my reason for setting up Health and Fitness pal.

So I am asking you to pay the Launch Discount price of;

N4,500 only!

Before you even think twice at this low launch price, this is only a Special launch price valid for the first 100 people that join us!

The price is definitely going up to N8000 which happens to be normal market price of the Atomic Fatloss System.

No Kidding here, No plenty talk too, we have about 15,592 subscribers to the Health and Fitness Pal fatloss Newsletter who are probably reading this letter with you.

And got over 131 people who indicated interest for the Atomic fatloss system the first day I mentioned the Atomic fatloss system during the Newsletter series.

As an authority in the Health and Fitness industry with lots of followership, I don’t think it will be a hard thing to get the first 100 spaces filled up.

So before you decide to wait till tomorrow, just know that you may end up paying N4000 more.


Click here to be among the first 100 Smart People!


But before I show you how to pay for the Atomic fatloss System, Let me give you my No Nonsense Guarantee!

I am giving you a 101% full refund guarantee on this program for 60 days.

What I mean here is that you have full 60 days to try this program and if you do not see any visible result in your belly, arm, thigh, just send a mail to asking for a refund.

I will officially apologize to you for wasting your time and give you a full refund of your cash without asking any question.

I have my name and that of the Health and Fitness pal company to protect and so I will not join all those so called “fatloss experts” to ruin it.

But I am confident there is no way you will not see results in the first 14 days of using this system.

So Now…


Here is How to Get a Copy of the
Atomic Fatloss System.

OPTION ONE: Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM
Transfer/Mobile Money etc

Step One: Make a deposit/Transfer of N4,500 into

Bank:                       Guaranty Trust Bank  PLC (GTB)
Account Name:      Health and Fitness Pal Nigeria.
Account Number:  017-748-8202

Step Two: After Payment, send an email or text message(Not call). It should come with YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and TELLER NUMBER to or 07063886889

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the Download link within 20 minutes of confirming payment as well as steps on how to open and read your Program on any phone or device.


Now the Ball is in your court!

You have a decision to make, to join us today and order the Atomic fatloss system that will make people shocked at how rapid you lost those UGLY fat or…

You close this page….

If you chose to order for this system now, I promise you it’ll be the wisest investment choice you’ll make in 2016!

But if you chose to ignore this, you’ve made a mistake but it’s still a choice!

I look forward to seeing you in the members area and helping you achieve your long awaited goal.

Dr. Trisha Morgan
On Behalf of the Health and Fitness Pal Team.

Have a question? Call us Directly between 8am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays ONLY on 07063886889